WELCOME to yoga for everybody

A rebel yogi with a cause........


Your body is worthy of a yoga practise - no matter what - I welcome, embrace and cater for YOU!

I am committed to body positive, all inclusive, yoga for ALL sizes, shapes and abilities.

Not your usual yogi - I'm curvyliscious with an ankle disability - born into being "The Adaptive Yogi"!  Practising yoga to suit my uniqueness has led me to peace in my body and mind.  I'm passionate about inspiring and guiding others to the same.

I strongly believe Yoga should be accessible to ALL and I specialise in adapting for this – I’ve lived it! I’m here to tell you that your body deserves a spot on that yoga mat. 

"If you can breathe, you can do yoga"

Developing a mind/body/spirit connection rather than focusing only on the physical poses.

Living in an abundant, disabled body has it's challenges - especially mentally in our society.  I 'get it' and know how hard it is to feel 'wrong' and like you don't belong in a yoga class. 

I have punched through this and been rewarded with peace and loads of yummy yoga benefits.  It was and continues to be a challenge, but I am passionate about standing up and showing the world that ALL bodies are worthy.  



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“Jennie is an incredibly warm, strong, funny, intelligent and smiley person to be around. Her story is more than inspiring and just spending time in Jennie’s sunny presence makes you feel good.”

”THEN she offers up her amazing, positive wealth of Yoga knowledge that you take away to use forevermore. Total gold for a busy ‘gammy’ person. I can’t recommend Jennie highly enough! “
— Savannah Carter-Green
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As 'The Adaptive Yogi' I'm passionate about inspiring and guiding others to peace with body and mind by praticing yoga to suit your divine uniqueness