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Jennie's classes are gentle, soothing but invigorating too. She caters for all types from beginner to advanced. Always leave wanting more and looking forward to the next class. A privilege to have her as a teacher. Thanks Jennie. - Ann Marie

Jennie's Yoga Class is the most relaxing restorative and stress less exercise you can do. Especially as she has been and to adapt my exercises to enable me to work while sitting on a chair when my arms can't get me up and down from the floor. - Jeanette Motley

I go to Jennie's Mindful yoga classes. I have avoided yoga because I did not think I could "do it" after a negative experience a long time ago. I am completely loving Jennie's classes. I feel capable, able to " do it" & the benefits are amazing. Jennie has a positive, caring approach & each person in her class gets her support. Her perceptive response to each individual's ability is a skill. Great classes. - Kay Smith

This was the best experience of Yoga for a beginner EVER. Jennies gentle yoga is amazing. Relaxing, uplifting and DO ABLE.
I now want more. Thanks Jennie. I am grateful for finding you. Oh & I forgot to mention the voice....blissful and relaxing!! - Shay Behague

I sought out Jennie for her private 1:1 sessions. I wanted advice on how I could get and stay strong after a complicated injury in my right foot. Lucky for me, Jennie was embarking on one-on-one sessions of Adaptive Yoga. Making yoga available to every 'body', no matter what shape, size, physical or time limitations! Jennie assessed exactly what I COULD do, which was more than plenty. She then sent my customized program, a highly adaptable sequence with instructions and pictures. We had another two sessions together to go through each pose, so I confidently knew what to do on my own. Within this time, Jennie also developed a 'Salute to the Sun' (12-step yoga flow), just for me! All based around sitting! "A Salute to the Sun - on your bum!" - Total gold!

Just as important for me, is the well-being that Yoga brings. A long-term injury can bring about a lot of frustration. The breathing, meditation, visualisation and 'Pranayama' that Jennie incorporated into my very own special routine has kept my spirits up throughout the entire time I've been practicing. The days I do Yoga? Are far better days, every single time. I move far more easily through my day, am connected to my core which helps my injury immensely and I'm far happier. Tuning into your body and tuning out of your busy-mind, is a powerful and holistic combination. Stress levels are greatly reduced and challenges of the day melt away when you stop your busy mind and tap into what your Yoga practice has established for you. Peace of mind and strength of body.

Jennie is an incredibly warm, strong, funny, intelligent and smiley person to be around. Her story of how she has worked with Yoga with her disability and has now become a Yoga teacher is more than inspiring and just spending time in Jennie's sunny presence makes you feel good. THEN she offers up her amazing, positive wealth of knowledge about Yoga that you can take away with you, to use forevermore, in your own time, wherever you want to and for as short or as long as you like. Total gold for a busy 'gammy' person. I can't recommend Jennie highly enough! - Savannah Carter-Green

"I attended one of Jennie's classes and immediately was hooked. I was warmly welcomed by Jennie. Jennie explains every pose step by step which was helpful and I was therefore able to keep up. If she is aware of any problems you have, she will automatically give you alternative poses so you never feel left out or at a loss. I thoroughly enjoy my yoga classes and they are the highlight of my week" - Claudia Clark

Jennie is friendly and welcomes everyone at all levels. Was a little unsure as a beginner but Jennie helps and advises with alternatives for beginners and any injuries or if anything is proving difficult. Jennie assists and helps everyone at all stages and encourages everyone to take it at their own pace. Its a thoroughly enjoyable, challenging and relaxing class and I would recommend this class and Jennie to anyone at any level. - Lynda Nolan

I look forward to Jennie's Mindful Yoga Class. You can just focus on yourself (no distractions). In Yoga Nidra, Jen's deeply calming voice penetrates into your soul, you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated...ready to take on anything..xx - Steph Dale

Jennie's Yoga Nidra is amazing - I am a new person. It really is like having had a 3 hour deep sleep. I am not going to miss a class if I can help it! Thank you Jennie! - Elke Chilwell

I did Jennies class a few weeks ago, and I left feeling relaxed, I didn't really want it to finished, I did over hear another women in the class say wow I can not remember the last time I relaxed for so long. Jennie, has a very calming and soft way about her, she made me feel like I didn't need to prove any thing, just be. Thanks Jennie, I have recommended my clients come to your classes. - Coryn Smith, Naturopath.

The Yoga Nidra class Jennie teaches is so relaxing - it's a very welcome reprieve in my busy days. Jennie creates a peaceful, calm and uber relaxing environment where deep and true relaxation of body and mind happens - really look forward to my Fridays now! - Jane Smith

Jennie has a gift. Not only is her voice divine to listen to and guide you through yoga and/or relaxation, but she just gets the limitations of the body and teaches you accordingly. Highly recommend this little star! :-) - Toni Paltridge


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