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Private 1:1 Adaptive Yoga Sessions


Private 1:1 Sessions

Personalised, customised attention for you and YOUR body!

Do you feel uncomfortable taking part in a yoga class? Do you feel that your body is 'not right' for a yoga class - too stiff, too old, too fat, too skinny or injured, disabled, beginner, outa shape etc etc etc…..

My sessions are supportive, non-confronting and as gentle or energetic as you like - great way to get started on your yoga journey. I aim to have you feeling more comfortable in your body - heck even start enjoying it! I will gently guide you through a practise at your pace, focusing on your needs & your unique body – it’s all about YOU!!! 

All sessions are held in my adorable Garden Zen Yoga Hut in Birkenhead, Auckland. (please enquire re home visits). All sessions are 90 mins and end with the magic of a guided personalised Yoga Nidra – a deeply powerful relaxation practise that requires very little effort from you, simply lie back and listen – sounds divine huh?! 

Your Options:

Pick which one works the best for you

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For both the Yoga and Meditation Packages, you will get....

  • A professionally polished printed copy (& a link to online version) of your practise, crafted by Jen

  • Assessment in Session 1 - We’ll meet ans assess where you are at & where you want to go with your practise. I will then go away and design your customized adaptive practise.

  • Guidance in Session 2 - You will learn & be guided through YOUR practise, with individual attention on your needs, tweaking and adjusting.

  • Refinement in Session 3 - After practicing at home for a few weeks, we fine tune, address challenges, make tweaks and solidify your practise

  • In-between session support and guidance over phone or email.

  • Education on the myths & incredible benefits of yoga & meditation - guidance into do-able, achievable, adaptive practices for YOU