About Yoga with Me

Think you can’t? Think again!


Yoga is so much more than the physical poses. It’s about moving towards a mind/body/spirit connection. I’m passionate about inspiring and guiding others towards that connection and on a path to peace.

I will guide you back 'home' to your spiritual center, moving towards creating a healthy, respectful and loving relationship with yourself.  I emphasise the gentle, restorative, mind and spirit side of yoga, using the breath, a self-affirming and kind inner dialogue, mindfulness and meditation. I believe that there is nothing more important than simply slowing down and getting to know yourself, and that this leads to all kinds of amazing benefits.


A wee gift for you - a short 6 min guided mindful meditation to start or finish your day…..enjoy! Namaste Jen x

“Jennies gentle yoga is amazing, relaxing, uplifting and DO ABLE. I now want more. Thanks Jennie. I am grateful for finding you......Oh & the voice....blissful and relaxing!”
— Shay Behague

Teachers, traditions & gurus that have taught, guided and inspired me in various ways - 

Pioneering Curvy, Body Positive Adaptive Yogis - Dianne Bondy, Sarah Harry, Amber Karnes, Jivana Heyman, Anna Guest-Jelley, Jessamyn Stanley, Mary-Jo Fetterley

Satyananda Yoga - Swami Karma Karuna, Sannyasi Pragyadhara, Swami Taponidhi, Brendon Sakey Yogeshwan, Swami Anandakumar

Ashram Yoga NZ - Swami Shantimurti, Atma Okan, Devananda Gleitman

BKS Iyengar, Joy Sanders, Geeta Iyengar

Sivananda Yoga - Vandana Steadman

Various Rockstar Yogis and all round amazing inspiration - Kara-Leah Grant, Zac Parish (Gyalten Sengye), Jon Kabat-Zinn, The Connection - Shannon Jones, Bruce Lipton, Joe Dipenza, Carla Ireton, Jaggi Vasudev – Sadhguru, Leslie Kaminoff, Jen Allen, Alan Watts, Brene Brown

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