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Random stuff  I love......

Sunrises...giggling...purple...travelling...hugs...love hearts...kindness...dancing...the ocean...winter sun...caramel slice & coffee...oh & family and friends, BIG TIME!

“When you realise how perfect everything is, you will tilt your head back and laugh at the sky!” - Buddha



Incredibly lucky to grow up in an outstanding family of love and laughter - but a with a wee challenge too.  I was born with bilateral talipes equinovarus (AKA clubfoot!) and spent many of my first years in plaster casts and undergoing corrective surgeries.

Thankfully, I was able to live a relatively active life for about thirty years, but time took its toll. I had more major surgery and was becoming dependent on a walking stick and heavy-duty painkillers - heading for either a wheelchair or amputation.  Things were a bit grim!

However, thanks to my persistence and determination to make life better, I travelled to the US in 2015 and was custom fitted with the ExoSym™ prosthesis device. Since then, I’ve been walking pain free! I have walked half marathons, completed yoga teacher training, and hiked in the Himalayas…for 3 whole weeks day after day!  I’m ecstatic and forever grateful to be active with my family and friends.

I would like to help make this device available to more New Zealanders - for more on my ExoSym™ journey Click here

“All bodies are good bodies, and we all deserve beautiful things that help us appreciate the skin we live in!”
— Dianne Bondy

This miraculous device gave me a new lease on life, confidence and the inspiration to take the yoga teaching plunge.  It was a move away from my career of crunching numbers - something I had wanted to do for years, but felt my body was 'not good enough' - how wrong I was and what a journey it has been! Yoga has guided me to a peaceful place and I continue to gain strength and lightness in both mind and body.  

I'm lucky to share this wondrous crazy life with many amazing human beings, but esp my incredibly awesome 13yr old boy Rocco and loving husband Greg of 21 years.  Together, we love to travel - our big adventures keep life interesting, spontaneous, fun, and forever a learning experience.  We try our best not to work too much! And to infuse yogic tools into our life on a daily basis, as we deeply believe this helps to make our time on this planet a more a more calm, happy and peaceful one. 

“Jen’s deeply calming voice penetrates your soul, you leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated...ready to take on anything..xx”

— Steph Dale

Certifications & Workshops


Yoga for Arthritis - Steffany Moonaz

The Yoga & Neuroscience Connection! - Kristine Kavoreii Weber

Yoga Nidra Advanced 6 month Mentorship - Premajoyoti Saraswati

Yoga for ALL Online training - Dianne Bondy & Amber Karnes
The Science of Slow - Kristine Kaoverii Weber
Chair Yoga Programme - Amber Karnes


Body Positive Byron Bay Immersion - Sarah Harry and Dianne Bondy - 6 days
Ignite your Yoga Teaching Career Course - Kara-Leah Grant - 6 wks
Yoga for Women’ Workshop - Swami Karma Karuna - 3 days
Meditation 'Power of Awareness' Intensives - Swami Anandakumar - 9 days/5 days
Anatomy of the Breath Teachers Workshop - Leslie Kaminoff - 3 days


RYT 150 hr Yoga Nidra/Restorative Yoga Teacher Training - Anahata Yoga/Kawaipurapura - 9 days
Immersion - Atmashree Yoga/Swami Tadapani - in Pokhara, Nepal - 7 days

Journey to Self Acceptance - Dianne Bondy, online course


RYT 200hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training - Ashram Yoga - 8mnths part time


Iyengar Conference - Auckland, Geeta Iyengar - 2 days 2005
Iyengar Immersion - Byron Bay, Sue Hawkins - 5 days 2004
Back-bend Workshop - Auckland, Peter Thompson - 3 days 2003